What Are The Best Tiles For Backsplashes?

When you walk into a tile showroom, you’ll see a great number of different tiles and taps which are provide different styles and appearances when installed. From Aqualisa Rise taps to other types of branded tiles it can be confusing as to which ones are suitable for kitchen splashbacks. For those who are considering tiles for their kitchen splashback, here’s a guide to the different ones you can choose.

  1. Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are a mix of minerals, clay and water and are generally fired to high temperatures in the manufacturing process. They come available in glaze styles which are capable of offering that extra shine that you may be after. Ceramic tiles are generally durable, affordable, and offer an array of colours and designs, they make great splashbacks.

  1. Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are also fired at higher temperatures because it’s a type of ceramic. It’s less porous and denser which is great for a number of applications. It’s impact resistant so it’s suitable for walls, backsplashes, and floors.

  1. Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are made from thin glass pieces and are generally known as mosaics. They tend to be pricy but can offer a beautiful appearance when used. They’re great for a large number of applications including splashbacks and are perfect for bringing a beautiful effect.


Choosing a tile for a splashback area is all about the look you may want. Getting something that’s easy to clean is the best option to start with. So, are you ready to buy your splashback?

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