How To Select The Perfect Bath For Your Bathroom

Baths when installed can create an amazing finish that’s perfect for complimenting your bathroom with ease. However, with so many different ones available on the market, how do you know which ones are the best options for your individual needs? For those who are struggling to choose, here’s a bathrooms Guildford guide on how to select the perfect bath.

  1. Size – The size of the bath is important as some baths are larger than others. It also comes down to the size of the room you have to fit the bath into. It’s a good idea to measure the area where your bath has to fit so you can narrow down the baths that aren’t suitable in size.
  2. Freestanding Or Inset: The next thing to consider is whether you would want a freestanding or inset bath. Freestanding baths are free standing with legs. Insets are generally baths that are integrated into the wall and floor for a more seamless look. Freestanding baths can be moved when needed while inset baths may be a little difficult.
  3. Material: The material your bath is made from is also important. Some are made from steel or acrylic. Steel baths tend to offer more longevity than the acrylic baths however the acrylic ones may offer high antibacterial properties. It depends on whether you want a long term bath or one that’s easier to clean overall.


A bath is a great investment for any bathroom. Not only can it increase the property value but can also provide a lovely finish when done. So have you chosen a bath?


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