Different Options of Home Flooring

When looking to decide on what type of floor covering to use on a renovation or house building project, there are several different options to go with. Edimax tiles are one of these options. There are a number of different tiles that are suited to this area of the house. Depending on where the tile is to go will depend on whether the one chosen is suited to this location.

If it’s for a wet area such as a bathroom or laundry, then choosing a tile that can stand up to these conditions is important. It needs to be hardwearing, waterproof and slip resistant. This kind of tile is also useful around the swimming pool on the patio, and is great for walkways and other areas that get wet. There is a range to choose from and the most popular are the ceramic in both porcelain and traditional, but there are others as well. Price determines, also what is used as some are more expensive than others.

Another type of inexpensive flooring is the linoleum product. Produced in sheeting this product is easily installed which also saves money. Some of the linoleum products are higher quality than others and like many things the better the quality the longer lasting. Linoleum stands up well to wear and traffic but has a shorter lifespan than other products.

Timber is another floor product and is popular for those who like polished wooden floors with their beautiful colour sheen. Wood is an excellent product depending on the type used, but is not suited to areas of dampness due to the possibility of rot. It does require more maintenance than other products but is not as cold as some.

Stone flooring is another option. There are some beautiful stone products to be found. They are hardwearing and last a long time. To use them in wet areas, it is prudent to find out if they require a finish before installing them in a wet location such as a bathroom. They can be more expensive to purchase but have a similar lifespan to tile.


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