Best Ways To Prevent Scratches On Your Tiles

Tiles are a great choice to add value to a home. Unfortunately, when not cared for properly they can become scratched or chipped. When this happens it can lessen the effect of the tiles greatly. For those who have tiles but want to prevent scratches, here’s a guide to the tips you can use to prevent scratches and chips on your honed stone tiles.

  1. Heavy Object – The first thing to remember is not to slide heavy objects across them. This includes furniture, tables, chairs or even potted plants. If you need to slide something use furniture protectors.
  2. No Sand Grout – Some grouts have sands in them, and when it comes loose after long wear and tear it can cause scratching. It’s a good idea to use grout that has different ingredients to help prevent unnecessary scratching.
  3. Vacuum – If you’re going to vacuum your tiles, avoid vacuuming them if you have a beater bar. Beater bars can cause scratching to occurring on your tiles. So what do you use instead you ask? Try a wet mop with warm water instead for the best results.


Scratching and chipping of tiles can be extremely frustrating when it occurs and you can’t do anything about it. By taking the time to work out the best ways to move furniture and clean your tiles, you can help prevent your tiles from becoming damaged. So were you doing any of these things?



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